Rainy Days and Fridays

It's raining! It started raining yesterday afternoon and has been raining ever since. Sometimes it really pours, sometimes it's just a drizzle, but I love it all.

Maybe you have to live in the southwest to completely appreciate rain. I've had messages all day from, for instance, someone who said she just sat by the window all evening and watched the rain. In some parts of the world you can probably be committed to an asylum for behavior like that. Here, if you say that, you get a sigh of recognition and envy. Ah, yes. To just sit and watch the rain.

One of the things that makes my home region so special is the fact of four mild seasons. Summer is hot, but not unbearably so. In winter we get snow, but not so much that it really brings life to a halt. We have an honest-to-goodness autumn, which I love. The angle of the sunlight is especially beautiful in the fall. I love the whisper of coolness in the air, and the changing colors. Spring is lovely too, of course. We have a lot of varieties of flowering trees that are popular for landscaping around here. Pale pink and purple blossoms softened the view and sweeten the air.

Naturally, today I am thinking about rain. A nice, dreary day is a huge treat here. It would be the perfect day, were I home to enjoy it. Rainy summer days are the days I like to open the windows, get the house shining, and start baking. They aren't the best for making meringue pies, but anyone who lives in a humid climate might wonder why I even note that. Here, it is a rare day that is too humid for meringue. That's a little blessing of its own! The altitude is low enough that eclairs and cream puffs and other egg-risen pastry rise just fine. It is usually dry enough for meringue and warm enough for yeast rising. I think I'm getting hungry. :0)

Outside of the way the dogs smell on a rainy day, I love nearly everything else about it. My hair gets pretty fuzzy, but I can live with that. Lying in bed at night and listening to the falling rain is bliss. Even the way sound carries differently in the rain is a nice change. Having rain on a Friday is nice, too. Fridays are days of anticipation. They are a day to be cheerful and rain on a Friday makes it a softer day.

So, just in case God was feeling a little unappreciated today, I wanted to send the thought out there. Thank you for the rain. It's more than just needed moisture; it's a little summer cooling treat. Good call!

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