Life as a Dessert Tray

You know those restaurants where someone walks around with a tray of desserts, to tempt you even more than the menu does? Sometimes I think my life is like that.

I wake up in the morning and decide which of the many sweet treats that make up my life are going to be my indulgence that day. I have a lot to choose from. A terrific husband, a grown son and one still at home. A job I like, plus a small business, too. A home that needs me, two dogs, a pot of sweet basil. Oh, and books. Books waiting to be read and a few waiting to be written--one in particular. Friends that know me well, and love me anyway (warts and all). There are recipes waiting to be tried, and foods yet to be tasted.

To be fair, there isn't always much actual choice involved. Sometimes, one thing simply must get all the attention for a time. But even within the scope of my job, I often have great autonomy about which things I will tackle on any given day.

I can decide to cook, or not cook. Write or read or watch TV. Clean or draw pictures in the dust. My choices with my husband are varied. Most of them....well....most of them are nobody's business. :-) Let me just say that we enjoy talking to eachother, and sitting together in silence. We enjoy going places, and staying in. And we just generally enjoy eachother.

If my choices were all negatives...."Oh, let me see. Shall I go have a root canal today, or should I go for a colonoscopy instead?" My outlook would surely be different. I am very blessed. All of my choices are temptations instead of chores.

I am blessed in another way, too. I have just enough thorns on the roses to remind me that roses come at a price. If everything was easy, where would the fun in that be?

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