Questions for God

About 20 years ago, I heard a sermon which has been making me think ever since. The priest was talking about heaven.

To be truthful, I had only half-listened to a lot of the sermon. I was younger then, and apt to daydream (although I was old enough to know better!) Then he said something that cut through the haze and resonated with me. He said that one of the things that happens when you reach heaven is that you finally have answers to your questions.

That day, I started thinking about what I wanted to ask God. Serious questions, perplexing ones, scientific questions and theological questions. Oh, do I have questions!
  • I get hay fever. Why did You put something that runs like that, upside-down over my mouth?
  • How is it that I should have wrinkles AND zits? Where is the justice in that?
  • Why do You give children to horrible parents, and withhold them from people who would be wonderful parents?
  • Do we really NEED mosquitoes?
  • Why do the very best people seem to have the very worst luck?
  • Do You make teenagers such a trial so that it will be easier to let them go?
  • I never did understand chemistry. Could You explain it, please?
  • And my big question: Does any church out there really have it right? Or do they all have some of the truth? Is anybody completely in the dark?

I probably should start keeping a list. But how would I take it with me?

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