Do you remember the story, "The Little Red Hen"? There is another version of it in a Disney storybook, called "Mrs. Cackle's Corn". Let me retell it for you, briefly, here.

Mrs. Cackle needed to get her corn planted. She asked her friend, Mrs. Duck to help, but Mrs. Duck was too busy to help. So she asked her neighbor, Mr. Pig, but he, too, had an ironclad excuse for why he could not help.

Her little chicks were anxious to help, and they convinced Mrs. Cackle that all of them together could be as much help as one Mrs. Duck or Mr. Pig. Mrs. Cackle agreed and she and her little chicks plowed and planted and hoed and worked, until it was harvest time.

Again, Mrs. Cackle asked her friends if they could help her harvest her corn, and again they begged off. Mrs. Cackle and her little chicks harvest all that corn, all by themselves.

And when Mrs. Cackle's corn was neatly stored, and when she had a harvest table full of good cornbread, and roasted ears and other yummy corn treats, who did she invite to share the bounty?

Her little chicks, naturally. Mrs. Duck and Mr. Pig would have to find their own harvest feast, for as you sow, so shall you reap.

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