My 24-Hour Plate

Like you, I sometimes complain that my plate is too full.

But like you, my plate is 24 hours. No more, no less.

When I really think about it, I am content with the way I'm filling my plate.

A walk in the morning before the sun comes up. Some time to enjoy a cup of coffee with my Sweet Hubs before he leaves for work. And then some time to myself to get ready for my work day. A job I like, most days. :-) A team I am immensely grateful for, and a job that allows me to make a small difference, at least in their lives.

A quick drive home, and a dog that is so happy to see me when I get there. Time at day's end with my dearest. I have time to read and time to write. I goof around on DuoLingo, playing at Spanish. I might putter in the garden or throw together a casual dinner for the two of us. Or I might just sit in the driveway and drink beer like a redneck.

It's a simple plate, the one I keep fairly full. Just a little, countrified, rustic plate of living.

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