Wine to Try - Frusion Juicy Orange

It had to happen sooner or later. 

I'm sorry to tell you that this one is, in my opinion, a White Elephant wine. But let me tell you about it, because maybe it's a wine you would like.

It is Frusion Juicy Orange. Sounds delicious, don't you think? Yeah, that's what I thought, too. Maybe if I liked orange marmalade, I might like Frusion, too. Unfortunately, this one had too much of an orange peel flavor, with that bitter edge to it that makes marmalade unpalatable to me.

If you like grapefruit and marmalade and those slightly bitter citrus flavors, you might really enjoy this. It might be nice to make a wine-based Orange Dream drink: vanilla ice cream in an icy cold glass of this might be very summery and good.

Or maybe I'm just trying to justify the fact that I really didn't care for this one at all. But don't worry, I'm not going to re-gift it, because quite a few of us tasted it. I don't believe anyone particularly liked it. 

Sorry, Frusion. Do you make this in a strawberry version, because your Juicy Orange is a total White Elephant.

My disclaimer:
Bear in mind that no one connected with any of the wineries I might mention here knows who I am. Of course, if they appreciate what I have to say and want to forward along cases of wine, I won't mind. I won't hold my breath, waiting for that day, either. :-)

My rating system:
Sip: a nice wine, goes deliciously with (or IN) food. I enjoyed it.
Guzzle: my idea of a nice sociable wine. The kind of thing I am happy to drink out of cheap plastic cups, sitting around the campfire, or out of a cool stemless glass while enjoying the company of someone I care about.
White Elephant: it isn't like drinking kerosene, exactly, but does not suit my taste. I'll pass it along to someone who might like it. This rating will mean more to you if you agree with my Sip and Guzzle ratings!
Drain-O: this stuff could hurt someone, so I'll send it to the wastewater treatment plant, via the kitchen drain. Maybe it will disinfect the p-trap, while it's in there

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