Dear Santa

Dear Santa Claus,

I've been a good girl most of the time this year...except when being naughty was the right thing to do. (Just ask my honey.)

I don't want a baby brother or a puppy. I don't want a new Barbie or any of the latest, greatest, shiny new things that are screaming "buy me". Instead, I have a short list. All I want for Christmas is:

  1. My healthy, happy family to stay healthy and happy, and to gather near me for the holiday. 
  2. Bring my boys success and love, to go with their happy healthiness.
  3. Bring me my Sweet Hubs, home safe every day. I'll know what to do with him from there.
  4. Please remove the fat and other bad things from Fritos, but don't change the way they taste.
  5. Please lower the price of wine to $.99 a bottle. I promise I will not drink more. Of course, I'm not promising to drink less, either.
That's it. Five little things. The rest we can figure out on our own. Thank you, Santa!

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