Super Powers

I have a strange little daydream from time to time.  I wish for a superpower, just like the comic-book heroes get to have.  And what, you ask yourself, would Payson Cousin like to have for a superpower?

OK, you probably aren't asking yourself, but I'm still going to tell you.  I would like to be able to say whatever I think, without any negative ramifications.  More than that, I want people to get my message, take it to heart, and never realize that the message came from me.

Think about it.  Doesn't that sound like heaven?  What would you say to your mother-in-law?  Your noisy neighbor?  That rude customer or the salesgirl who is too busy talking to her phone buddy to wait on you?  What would you say to ogling guy, or the one that really needs a shower?

Imagine the possibilities!  Oh, the world's problems which could solved!  Drivers could become courteous! Kids would start respecting their elders and old people would start respecting their juniors!  You could TELL that 12 year old girl that she is too young to wear a thong for the world to see, and you could tell those slacker dudes to pull up their damn pants!

It gets better and better, the more I think about it! 

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