Bad Moods and All

It's an interesting phenomena...the way one person's bad mood can snowball into an entire group feeling edgy and irritable and cranky as a teething baby in a soggy diaper.

So, I'm going to focus my mind on all the good, cheerful, upbeat things I can think of.

  • There's a bottle of Moscato chilling in my fridge right this VERY second.
  • Soldier boy is home for a few days, on his way to a new duty station that is much closer than his previous assignment. 
  • There's a bottle of ...  wait... did I say that already?
  • It feels like real autumn out there and I love that.
  • I have about 3 more meals to make out of the left over turkey, and then I can move on.  This always feels like a feat accomplished to me--when we finally run out of turkey.
  • It's the end of the day.  A long day.  Goodnight. 

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