A Peek Into Your Soul

I'm working on a project for a friend.  She's also my boss, but I'm going to talk about the friendship part.  It's a project that gave me an insight....

I've known her for about ten years.  We've seen each other at school, when she was my child's teacher.  We sat next to each other at a fundraising banquet.  She's been at my house, where we laughed about life in the country.  She likes my bread pudding and I think her lemon bars are TO DIE FOR.  I know her kids and she knows mine.  Our husbands went to high school together.  I even plagiarized the colors of her living room walls for my own.  (She was very generous about the theft, too.)

Today I saw something completely new in her.  I got a peek into her soul.  You see, my friend is an artist.  I've seen her art many times and I am jealous of her talent in the most friendly, loving sort of way.   She needs a website, and I'm working on building it for her.  Today I was looking at about 40 pictures of her as she is painting.  And I saw someone I had previously only guessed at.

The pictures themselves are beautiful, I think.  The light in the room is lovely and the colors are warm and inviting.  The painting she is working on is beautiful.  But the part that made me really stop and look and smile was her.  She's relaxed.  Glowing.  Completely in her happy place.  Even her hair is shining more beautifully than ever.  Yeah, I'm jealous of her hair, too.... The tension is out of her arms and hands, and her eyes are lit from a place within, heretofore unseen. 

Since my dear friend hates having her picture taken, and since I understand that completely,  I chose a picture that leaves her in some anonymity.  This is temporary, because I (she calls me her evil webmistress...) am MAKING her include some photos of herself on her web page.  While I'm working on building a web page, she is getting used to being in the public eye by blogging.  You can read her blog here:

Once in a great while, you get to share a moment with someone.  You get to feel their joy, or their peace, or even their sorrow and connect to them in a whole new way.  I don't know squat about painting, but I know what peace looks like when I see it.  And it's beautiful.

Have you found that place in your soul?  That comfortable, peaceful, blissful place that lets you know that all is right and you are where you belong?  I find moments of it when I write, or when I turn out an especially nice loaf of bread.  Sometimes I find it when a friend asks for guidance and I am able to help them find the light again.  So far, I haven't managed to take the time to really apply myself to any of those things. 

I think that those moments, however long we get to enjoy them, are about as close as we get in this God.

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