Ode to Spelling

I'll confess it right here and now, folks.  I'm a little uptight about spelling.  I sit here in front of my window, and I write in a chatty, casual style.  Sometimes I make typographical errors, but since I don't have a proofreader, those errors might slip past me.  Oh, I can write very formally if I need to.  There's just no fun in that on a blog.  I do try very hard to not let spelling mistakes get through to your tender eyes.  I might disregard some of the rules of grammar I learned in school, but at the very least, you should not have to try to figure out which word I am trying to use.

Tuesday, I sat in a class on website design, with a bunch of young snots (the age of my baby), and our homework assignment was to make a little pretend web page.  When they were all 'live' I could click around and see everyone else's work.  Many of those pages were a mess of run-on sentences, poorly punctuated and woefully misspelled.  Do you know what the really sad part of all of this is?  There were some very interesting and entertaining thoughts contained in those train-wreck writings.  Some of those young people have something to say, but who will get their message if the message is too garbled to comprehend? 

I am not a patient woman about this.  If I click on your web page, your Craigslist listing or your Ebay ad and I have to try to translate your gibberish into English...I will simply click away and look elsewhere. 

Some girl (I'm assuming it's a girl) wrote on my son's truck window in that wipe-off window paint you see on all the high-school kids' cars.  She said, "You're hot! Mmmmm......!"  And I was so pleased that she said, "You're hot!" instead of, "Your hot" or even worse, "UR hot".  Is there something wrong with me that I'm not offended by a girl announcing that she thinks my boy is hot;  I'm just thrilled she understands that she needed to use the contraction instead of the possessive form?

I think I need therapy.

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