What I Don't Know.

It's really too long a list to write.  I don't know a lot more than I do know.  I have some nagging gaps in my knowledge, though, and maybe you can help me figure these things out.
  • Why don't little dogs know they're little?  You see the little stinkers picking fights with Great Danes....  don't they know?
  • This one really bugs me:  who was the first person to eat a cashew?  Do you know why you never see cashews in the shell in the store?  It's because the shells contain an oil that is caustic to your skin.  So who was it that picked up a nut that burned their skin, and still wanted to try eating what was inside?
  • Why do men spit so much? 
  • In the movies, the roosters only crow at dawn.  Where the hell did anyone ever get that idea?  Someone who has never even seen a rooster, I guess.
  • I once bought a pair of maternity pantyhose.  I could stretch them up to my nose, but they wouldn't stretch OUT.  Who thought of that? 
  • Does whining ever get anyone anywhere?  It never works for me. 
  • I heard somewhere that anyone can sing, if they learn how.  Really?  No, I mean REALLY?
  • What exactly is that guy singing in the song, "Blinded by the Light"?  Wrapped up like a what????
  • Speaking of music and singing, why is it that we do this?  How did it all start?
  • If the Sumerians really were the first people to write (or even if they weren't), what was that very first sentence?  Of all the things a person might say, which was the thing they chose to say?  Gee, I hope it wasn't something like, "take out the trash".

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