A New Place

I just finished a non-fiction book about the peopling of the continents.  The author discussed all the disparate theories about how and when and by whom that happened.  Naturally, I'm especially interested in the first people to inhabit the Americas.  I don't want to discuss the different theories about that event(s).  The subject might get too heated, even for me!

The idea is engrossing, isn't it?  To be the very first person to step onto a continent?  To see it, straight from God's hand, before anyone (else) has had a chance to goof it up?  I've always been fascinated by the lives of explorers, pioneers, mountain men and everyone else who was willing to pull up stakes and try their luck in a whole new place. 

We once talked (not seriously) about moving to Alaska and away from the world.  We weren't rash enough to do it, but it was still a lovely idea.  A little cabin.  No neighbors.  Except for bears, of course. 

No neighbors.

No neighbors.

Hmmm.  :-)

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