Fall For Fall

I didn't realize how deeply I had missed fall color. I mean, I knew I missed it, but the instant smile that reaches all the way into my heart any time I look at the gorgeous yellows and reds of a colorful autumn is much more profound than I expected.

Our little house is so warm and cozy, with a fire in the woodstove every night and soft throws to snuggle under while I read or play on my phone. There's usually the lingering scent of whatever we had for dinner. Right now, there's a lingering scent of the recent encounter with a skunk. But I don't really mind.

Fall is time for hearty meals, homemade soups, rich wines and wearing slippers while I cook. Gone are light salads and fruity summer wines. Gone are the tan lines. Well, almost.

Autumn is perfect for the hot tub.
With beer.
Without swimsuits.

We do, however, turn off those lights when we hot tub nekkid. Don't want to scare the deer.

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