Father's Day, Francine's Day

There are so many things to think about this Father's Day.

I think about my precious husband, father to our two sons, and what a splendid father he is and always has been. I am so thankful for him, proud of him and still (even after all these years) so very much in love with him. As I sit here, sipping sweet coffee at the table he built, in the house he built, I am always more than a little in awe of his many skills and talents. I also wish he had made this coffee, because he is much better at it than I am. ;-P

Like all married couples should do, we learned from each other over the years. He taught me many trivial bits of practical life information and skills, but more importantly, he taught me about the power of choosing. He chose his life as an adult. He chose his path. And he chose not to allow the lessons of his childhood to be any more than that: lessons. Not a weight, not a drag, not a roadmap...a lesson. I think about the two men who were so influential in my husband's life: his own father, who gave him lessons in work ethics, mechanical things and a lot more, and his Grandpa, who taught him about being meticulous and methodical, about patience and simply being a good man.

Of course, I also think about my own father, gone over 22 years now. He would have loved our place here in Montana and of all the people in my family, I think he is the one who would have "GOT IT" the most. In a way, this little dream is one I inherited directly from him. It isn't surprising that I learned a lot from my dad, but what is surprising is how many of the lessons I learned from him were then reiterated in my marriage. Maybe one of the things that is most special to me about my darling sweet hubs, is that he has so many of the same qualities as my dear father. They each have/had their flaws, like all human beings, but in the final analysis, the flaws don't signify.

And then today would have been my beloved Aunt Francine's birthday. I think she would have been 90 today,  Ah, Auntie. How I miss you! She was the patient, upbeat, comical voice of acceptance and approval all through my life. She was one of the bravest people I have ever known, and one of the strongest.

I think about the troubled times we live in, and about the many fathers who lost children and children who lost a father. I am blessed that I got to keep my Dad for so long, even though it wasn't long enough, and doubly blessed that I found in my loving husband a man worthy of being that very special person to our children: their Dad.

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