Pot Addiction

Yes. I may be an addict. I can't help it. Every time I see a great sale on pots and pans, my heart beats a little faster and I have to talk myself down off the ledge. Oh! Did you think I meant THAT kind of pot? :-)

What is wrong with me, anyway? I have so many utensils that I have to have backup storage for them in the pantry. I have 3 complete sets of cookware and I STILL WANT MORE!

I want the pretty enameled cast iron ones from Le Creuset in their amazing "Flame" color. I want those adorable speckled Paula Deen sets in only, like, three of her color choices. Rachel Ray! Love those! Kitchenaid! Gotta have! Oh, and the red cookware from Lodge. Copper and stainless and even a really cheap tamale pot at the grocery store...they all capture my attention. Plum, orange, bronze, butter: I don't even care if the colors go together, I love them all.

Have you seen all the fantastic colors of utensil sets on Zulily and Woot lately? Oh, and all the pretty bakeware?

I think I need help.

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