October Morning

It rained through the night: a gentle, soaking rain that filled my bedroom with the fresh smell of nitrogen-rich water.and the perfect white noise to sleep by.

The sun is rising now and the breaking clouds are a patchwork of blue-gray, golden yellow and soft pink, with snippets of denim blue sky showing in between. The dusty yard looks green and vibrant and clean again.

As I sit here sipping sweet, creamy coffee and watching the day develop while the mug warms my hands, I feel blessed. Blessed that my goofy puppy is running around the yard like a nut. She has a case of the zooms and it cracks me up. That dog can run! Blessed that the Sweet Hubs fixed our sleep number bed. It was leaking past the check valve, if you must know. I can't tell you how much better it is to sleep on a bed than in a flippin' fox hole. I usually keep my side at 50. Before he fixed it, the bed was at 2 by about midnight. Got to love having a handy hubby. :-)

I'm blessed because I love the cool morning and bright start of a new day, rich with promise. I'm blessed because I got the dishes washed last night. Well, most of them. I also got a huge pile of pine needles stripped and ready for basket making. There's a lot to be said for feeling productive.

I'm blessed because my freezer and my pantry are full. I've put up about two dozen jars of pickles, countless jars of salsa, tomato sauce and tomato paste. I've dried tomatoes and garden herbs. I've pickled jalapeno peppers, dried some, frozen some and eaten an obscene number of them, too. I also roasted two giant grocery bags full of green chilies. You may recall that this is one of my favorite things in life.

The breeze picks up, the clouds skitter away, and the sound of my son's alarm clock reminds me that it's time to quit daydreaming and get in the shower. Have a lovely day, all. It's off to a fine start.

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