Ten Things

Today's list: ten things every woman should know by the time she is 40:

  1. How to read a map. GPS doesn't know everything.
  2. How to do some basic emergency home things, like plunging a toilet and shutting the water off to the house.
  3. Her true bra size. The real one. Not the "good enough" one. Not the one she had at 20 or before the kids (and gravity).
  4. Her favorite wine, beer or cocktail. 
  5. How to grill. This is not strictly a man's domain.
  6. How to pick her battles.
  7. Her cholesterol levels and blood pressure. She should at least know if they are good or need work.
  8. Her best features and how to flaunt them. 
  9. Her favorite authors. If a woman isn't reading something by age 40, I worry about her.
  10. How to ROCK his world, and what rocks hers. If you know what I mean. 'Nuf said. :-)

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