10 Things

Ten quick little things that drive me a little crazy, in no particular order:

  1. People who take themselves too seriously.
  2. People who send scan and email documents upside-down. Don't make me rotate.
  3. People who write "would of" instead of "would have".
  4. Spoiled. Spoiled dogs, spoiled children, spoiled milk. I dislike spoiled.
  5. Extreme people. I don't care if they are extremely drunk, extremely hoochie, extremely churchy or extremely anything else. Find some balance, people! Even extremely nice is too much. If you don't have any bitchiness in you, it just isn't healthy. Embrace your snark.
  6. People who park right in front of the store doors (in the DRIVING LANE) because they're "just running in". 
  7. Blaming. Blaming your rotten childhood for your current unhappiness, blaming your inexperience for being stupid, blaming your age for being unwilling to learn, blaming everybody for everything and never blaming yourself for anything.
  8. Litter bugs. Jerks who leave their campsite a disaster, or the dirty diaper in the parking lot or their trash blowing out of their disgustingly dirty car. Pick up after yourself.
  9. Quit changing things! Blogger and ebay and almost every website I frequent keeps changing their sites. Stop it! I just had everything memorized. The changes to blogger suck, too. Boo on you, google. 
  10. Squirrels. Creepy little stinkers. Eewwww.

Next time.... ten quick little things that bring me joy. 

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