An American Holiday

At least, a holiday NOT made in China.

My Sweet Hubs and I made a pact: we are not buying even one thing that was made in China this holiday season. The same for products made in Taiwan, Pakistan, Korea....or any of the other countries who are glutting the American market with their cheaply-made goods and undercutting American companies.

I don't have anything against folks making a living. Of course not. But I AM a big believer in making wise financial decisions. We need to protect our own economy, and one place to start doing that is to buy American-made goods.

So, I don't guess we'll be buying any Christmas lights. What we have will have to do. (Unless you know of a place to buy lights made in America?) We'll be reading the labels on every product we buy.

We also have a pact with our sweet boomerangs: Christmas is paring down. It is a holiday for family, for remembering the birth of the Savior. We're all grown ups. We will spend the day together, and have a feast, and be grateful that we are all together. Gifts are superfluous.

Only a minor rant here. I hear you groaning. All the way over here, I hear you saying to yourself, "But my kids are still young enough to get toys for Christmas, and those are mostly made in China."

It's a crying shame if all the cool toys are made in China. It will be an even bigger shame if more breadwinners lose their jobs to the China trade.

Choose American-made goods and buy them locally whenever possible. Buy gift certificates for LOCAL services instead of a gift card for more online buying. Choose gift certificates for locally-owned restaurants instead of another one to the Olive Garden, which they didn't use last year, anyway.

Just a thought.

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