I was a spectator at an 8-mile, trail-running, obstacle-course race on Saturday. At one point, I was watching the runners somewhere around mile 7.5, and so was a woman who had 3 children with her.  One of the boys, about 7 years old, was having a good time: when a runner would come along, he would run along side the person for a little way, all fresh and smiling and having a good time.

The look that those guys gave the little boy were hilarious. They had just run 7.5 miles and climbed through muddy pits under barbed wire fences, swam, scaled walls and all sorts of things. They were hot, tired, muddy and squishing in wet shoes. The little boy was having a blast playing at "running".

Most of them looked like they wanted to trip him. It's to their credit that no one did.

What I See--Alita

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