The time between my last post and this will tell you that life has been a little hectic for me lately.  I've been going or working, writing or wronging, hurrying through my day and trying to slow down enough to sleep at night. Thank heaven for sweet wine and a hot tub to help me sleep. If you struggle with insomnia, I highly recommend it. Well....there is one other crucial ingredient, but that one might be TMI. Let your imagination run. Wild.

We had our 26th anniversary recently, so we ran away for a long weekend. We promised ourselves that we would try to do things we'd never done before. Some of those are worthy of a post of their own, but mainly we ate at restaurants we'd never been to, trying food that was new to us, visited parts of the city we had never seen and tried frozen cocktails we had never even heard of. It was an educational experience and tons of fun.

There is a new employee who started today, so there was a little bit involved in getting her set up to encounter the fewest possible glitches. I missed some. I am so excited that she is part of our team, and my hopes soar, knowing that she has all the potential in the world. Besides which, she is one amazing woman and I really like her!

My baby boy, almost 19 years old, got sick and got better, got sick and got better, got sick and got better. Poor guy. When my boys were little, I used to think, "Oh, I'd much rather be sick myself than have them be sick at all!" Silly me. I thought when they grew up that instinct would go away. Wrong.

And all through that, and so many other things, I've been thinking about the many things I should be writing about. I had an idea for a story and jotted down a few paragraphs to try it on for size. I picked up a book I've never read before: get this.... "Gone With the Wind", and discovered I am really enjoying it! Scarlett O'Hara is so much more intriguing in the book than she was in the film. I love the movie, but the book is so much more. As always.

I think it encourages me to write more. There is such a depth to almost any story, if you take the time to look. Look at the little lady, living in the trailer park with her 17 cats. If you can stand the cats, there's a story there. Your neighbor, your grandfather and certainly you! If you can look back on your life up to this point and feel emotions about any of it, then you have a story.

I want to look harder for the stories. And I think I found one.

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