This Is News?

There's an article on my favorite news site telling us all that retail therapy doesn't really work and we'd be happier if we went for a walk or went to church instead of strolling the mall.  No kidding?  You mean....gasp!  Could it be so??  If we slow down, take the time to pay attention to the gifts from our Creator, we might find satisfaction in that?  You mean we can't buy happiness?  Even at the MALL?  Wow.  Who woulda thunk it.

Really, now, kids.  Do we have to be told this?  I sure hope not.  The only thing I get at the mall is a bad case of crowd anxiety and an impacted bank account.  To be fair, the nearest mall is 90 miles away, so maybe I'm not the best judge.  I go to the mall when I need or want some particular thing.  I go there for Christmas shopping.  Being a very mission-driven person, going to the mall is stressful for me. 

The people who stand in a knot right at the narrowest part of the walkway bug me.

The people who drag their exhausted, petulant, bawling toddler into yet another store bug me.

The people who walk around with a giant drink in their hands and their feet overflowing their rubber flip-flops bug me.

The people who swear very loudly even though there are children and grandmas within earshot bug me.

The people who are carting 5 big bags and still shopping, but will go home and NOT pay their bills, bug me.

Those kiosk hawkers who practically tackle you to point out your crow's feet or your grimy jewelry bug me.

The poor guys sleeping in the easy chairs out in the middle of the mall bug me, only because I envy them some.

And quite honestly, I'm only human.  Seeing all kinds of things that I really like but can't afford BUGS ME.

If someone would build a mall that contained a good clothing store, a great shoe store, a wonderful housewares store and a Panda Express, I'd be satisfied with that.  In the holiday season, they could have a calendar kiosk, but the salesperson would not be permitted to chase anyone.

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