A Little Hump Day Prayer

Dear God,

I'm halfway through a trying week.  Thanks for getting me this far.  I have a little laundry list of things I want to mention.

Thanks for lighting that little fire under my youngest one's rump.   Thanks for the talent You gave him in track, now thanks also for helping him find his passion for it!

Thanks for the blossoming fruit trees;  they're beautiful.  Not so much on the pollinating juniper trees.

Thanks for the good health that my family and I are enjoying.

Thanks for the spring breezes, but I've had enough now, thank you.

Give my sweet hubs a safe trip to the cabin, a good time while he's there and a safe trip home to me?

Thanks for keeping my soldier boy safe.  Please continue doing that!  Guide him to learn patience.  On behalf of his girlfriend, can I also ask that You guide him to learn some sensitivity, too? 

Thanks for my lovely town, my happy home, my good job and my .... um.... interesting family. 

Thanks for bringing a good new home to my 3 lizards.  Frankly, Lord, if I'd known the little suckers could live for 25 years, I never would have said, "yes"!

Thank You for all of it, Father.  I'm grateful for my loving family, my dear friends, my warm bed and my full tummy.  I'm even grateful for that obsessive-compulsive dog. 

So, how's it going with You?  Has anyone bothered to admire Your hard work lately?  Have we shown our love and appreciation?  Have we been listening when You talk to us?

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