Second Honeymoon

It was almost a second honeymoon.  We spent a long weekend in Vegas, enjoying eachother and getting in some serious people-watching.

By coincidence, we were in Las Vegas over a weekend that included both Valentine's Day and President's Day.  There were brides everywhere!  All these lovely young women in their beautiful gowns, with handsome grooms looking lovingly into their eyes and at their cleavage.  (Grooms are still men, after all.)  The bridesmaids were gorgeous, too.  Love was in the air. 

We didn't gamble much, and we didn't drink much--although we did drink an entire bottle of champagne that my wonderful office sent to us--and we didn't hit even ONE buffet.  If my father-in-law finds out we went to Vegas without hitting the buffets, he'll probably disown us both.  We shopped some and walked a lot and did some things we would never do at home, like walking around town sipping a frozen Mojito. 

I always wonder about the people I see there.  Who are they in real life?  I know we're different there than we are at home.  For one thing, I'll wear the boob shirts that the sweet hubs likes, which I don't do at home except on special occasions.  :-)  The sweet hubs shaves and wears cologne on a day off, and might even go without a hat.  Highly unusual behavior.  What about everyone else?

There are other things that are different, too.  If I saw someone dressed as Elvis, El Vira or El Kabong on the streets of my small hometown, I'd shake my head in wonder.  There, it would be weird to NOT see.  Around here, the highest heels you usually see are the heels on cowboy boots.  In Vegas, women shop in them, gamble in them, wear them to the pool, shower in them, everywhere.  (By the way, designers of casinos...those quaint "cobblestone" floors you put in the shopping areas and restaurants?  They're killer on stilettoed ankles!)  You can visit every public establishment in town here and never see a sequin or a rhinestone.  I challenge you to go to even ONE place on the Vegas Strip and not see one.

They call it Sin City and I can see why.  Of the seven deadly sins, we danced a little bit with most of them:
  1. Wrath - I only had a mild case of this on the first morning we were there.  We found out that our son's cell phone was stolen while he was at track practice.  Fine time to be out of touch!
  2. Greed - A little greed is par for the course in a gambling town, right?
  3. Sloth - We slept rather late and even considered napping in the afternoon!
  4. Pride - Is putting on six-inch heels and slathering on jewelry before you go out a sin of pride? 
  5. Envy - I'm innocent of this one.  I'm happy where I am in life and felt no envy.
  6. Lust -  It WAS our anniversary, after all!  Does it count as lust when it's for each other?  I hope not, because to be honest, lust is what we were THERE FOR. (gasp!  did I SAY that?)
  7. Gluttony - I only made a pig of myself once.  And paid for it for two days.  We went to Al Dente, an Italian restaurant inside Bally's, and I ate to the point of excess.  It was just too good!  If you get there, try their Scallops Puttenesca.  Wow!
But I'm glad to be home and back to my relatively sinless life.  I like my own bed and my normal food and a simpler life. 

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