Favorite Things

One of my favorite bloggers occasionally posts about her favorite things in a particular category.  So I'm stealing her idea and sharing some of my faves.  Please note that none of these companies give a rat's patootie that they make a favorite thing for me.  Don't think of it as some kind of ad....just sharing. :-)

You already know about my love affair with my Kitchenaid mixer.  My old love is a clean, white little powerhouse.  The one you see here was a gift from the sweet hubs, for me to take to our mountain cabin.  Is that man the best or WHAT???

I really like this product from Olay.  Takes off the mascara quickly and cleans deeply without making my skin dry or irritated. 

Hatch, in New Mexico, grows amazing green chilis.  One of my favorite things is the smell of these roasting on the barbie.  Yeah, baby!

What was my life before the Magic Eraser?  Takes hard water spots off like nobody's business.  And trust me, we have HaAaArddd water!

I admit I'm a pickles and olives kind of girl.  I'll choose a Marzetti's Garlic Stuffed Olive Marinated in California Chardonnay over a chocolate truffle ANYTIME.  They also make the best marinated artichoke hearts and  pickled cauliflower and pickled brussel sprouts and.....   :D

Quite simply, the best foundation I have ever found.  True color, light coverage, no zits.  Cover Girl Mineral foundation. 

So, I like salty and sour foods and sweet wine.  Is that a little odd?  I don't know.  But I do know that this chillable Cabernet is a wonderful choice for a sweet wine lover.  Bright and cheerful inside as it is on the bottle.

Ah.  Salt and Pepper Calamari from PF Changs.  No further explanation required.

My favorite "fast food".  The Italian Special from Cousin's subs.  We have limited fast food choices in my small town.  This sub (I prefer it on Parmesan Asiago bread) is better than any burger-and-fry combo out there.  Go Cousins!!

What is YOUR favorite?


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