A New Year

Another New Year has arrived. 

What will the new year hold?  My horoscope for weeks and weeks has been telling me that a drastic change is coming.  If I believed in horoscopes, I'd hope that means that I'll finish my book and someone will want to publish it...and you'll see it in the Barnes and Noble, where you'll have to put your name on a waiting list to buy it because it will be so popular!  Yeah, I know.  Dream BIG!

I like my small life in my small town!  I don't want any drastic changes.  Change is a scary word sometimes.  There are changes we expect and can plan for.  I can handle those.  NOT crazy about the surprise changes, unless they mean falling into money in some happy way.  Lottery people?  Are you listening??

We have a few things planned:  our baby turns 18 and graduates from high school this spring.  Our 25th anniversary is next month.  Strange.  I don't feel any different, but time has other ideas.  It is entirely possible that we will be empty-nesters before this year is out.  Just me and him, alone again.  After we get done running around the house naked, what will we do?  Take up golf?  What???  Oh, I know:  we'll get to know each other all over again.  (see "running around the house naked")

That won't be such a big change, except for the naked part, because our son is such a social creature.  He's out a lot anyway.  He works at a sandwich shop, so he is seldom home for dinner, which I seldom cook now.  Our grocery bill is tiny compared to what it was just a few years ago.  Our car insurance, on the other hand.....

Ah, yes.  A new year.  New experiences.  New lessons to learn.  New hopes, new dreams, new problems and new solutions.

On your mark!  Get set!  GO!!!

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