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One of my favorite blogs to read belongs to a relative. I'm not exactly sure what the term for the relationship is? She is my cousin's stepdaughter. So I just call her my cousin. (Yes, you know who you are........) I read her post tonight and she is currently using a format called "The Simple Woman's Daybook". It's pretty cool; if you're looking for ideas, check it out. The format gives you springboards from which to jump: "I am thinking..." "I am thankful for..." and so on. One of them is "I am creating..." to which my cousin, in her humility, said "nothing".

That made me think. What is she creating? What am I creating? For that matter, what are YOU creating? Are we all waiting to have accomplished something grandiose before it counts in our eyes?

I think of women like my cousin, young mothers with young children. She is creating very much, in my estimation. For her children she is creating an environment of faith, love, discipline and security. What she creates for her husband is probably all of that and more, plus a few fringe benefits. She is also giving something to the world: three future adults who will be well-balanced, honorable people with a good work ethic. We could use a lot more of those.

We seem to discount what we create for the people around us. Who we are, the example we provide to our children, our compassion, love and charity we demonstrate...these are all what we create every day. What do we create when we are the kind of friend upon whom others rely? What do we create when we are the only person our spouse confides in? What do we create when we are the dedicated employee whom the boss trusts? What do we create when we are the customer whom the grocery clerk knows will be smiling and patient?

So, dear Cousin, (and note to self, as well) we are creating very much, even when it feels like we are accomplishing nothing. The tiny moments count a lot. It is my opinion that a marriage is made up of minutes in the same way a mile is made up of inches. The same is true of the whole of our lives. The little stuff matters. When I look back on the people who were the most influential in my life, it wasn't the big stuff that I think of most. I think of the moments, brief though they might be, which let me peek into their souls.

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