What Ever Happened to Time Out?

I think we need to reinstitute the practice of time-outs and tantrum corners...except now they should be for adults. Time out never worked all that well for my children. But I bet it would be very effective for some of the adults I know.

A tantrum corner would wonderful, too. Do you remember these? A corner of the classroom where you could go if you just HAD to have a tantrum? I want one of those for adults and I get to be the first one to use it. It should be soft and padded, sound-proof and without windows. If someone needs to melt down, they should be able to do it in private.

Ah, think of the uses of a tantrum corner! Mothers working both inside and outside the home could use one. Sometimes, a good old-fashioned tantrum would make you feel so much better! There are days when if I could just go into a quiet corner and throw myself on the floor, I could face the rest of the day with a happier disposition.

Now that I think about it, nap time would be nice, too. Imagine having an hour every afternoon where you are REQUIRED to rest. Maybe we could hire sweet grandmotherly ladies to come in and pat our backs gently while we rested? They might even sing softly to us.

I especially want to revisit the ideas of our formative years: be polite, use indoor voices, play well together (ahhhh......remember recess?), share, say your prayers, try your hardest. Yes, I just told you how old I must be, because we sang Christmas songs in my school and said our prayers and the pledge of allegiance, too.

How much better we would all behave if there was a chance that our Momma might be waiting at home, and she would know what we'd been up to all day. If Daddy still could make us go out and cut a willow switch and wait for him at the wood shed, would we "straighten up and act right?"

More than anything else, would it make a bad day a little brighter if we knew that Mom or Grandma would have cookies and milk on the table for us, at the end of the day? She'd be there to ask us how our day went, and she'd listen like she really cared?

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