Bits + Pieces = Happiness

My Grandmother's words (in the header of this blog) have been very much on my mind this week. I've been thinking about the ingredients in my own happiness; the variety is pretty profound.

Happiness, joy and contentment for me are very nearly like my cooking: different every time I make it. I don't cook with recipes often. Usually, I just cook from inspiration. Same deal on building my own happiness. I use what I have lying around and see what I get. So let's talk about today....what did I throw in the pot today to cook up a batch of happiness?

I received an email from our soldier boy yesterday. He's well, and so far he's safe. That makes up a lot of this particular batch of happiness. Our younger son is in California with a friend and his family. He's having a ball, I'm sure. I like to see my kids enjoying themselves, so that adds something to the pot, too. Plus my honey is home safe and sound from an adventure trip up north.

I really like my job. Maybe that doesn't sound like a big deal, but if you ever had a job you detested, you would understand. I've had jobs that made me want to call in sick every day. I never could do that, but it was tempting. I am grateful for a challenging job with terrific colleagues and an awesome boss. I am fortunate to have a job that is never monotonous. And the pay ain't half bad, either.

Every morning, I get out of bed without any assistance. I don't need help to take care of myself, my family or my home. I feel terrific. I'm not underweight anymore, neither am I overweight. I can eat pretty much anything I want without worry. That's a biggie. My vision isn't remarkably good, but it isn't remarkably bad, either. I have a comfortable home, a fun car, a healthy family, a reasonably good dog, a pantry full of food (and a freezer full, too). We aren't wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, but we aren't poor, either.

God gave me the gift of ability. No, I'm not one of those disgusting people who is good at everything I try. But I can learn, and I enjoy learning, so whatever I need to accomplish in life, I can usually find a way. It may take me many attempts, but I get there.

I can read. Thank God, and thanks to my big sister for teaching me. I often wonder how people with literacy problems get through this complicated life. How do they go anyplace new, order off a menu, buy anything, deal with the government or help their children with their homework? How do they get a better job, know they're being paid fairly, or enjoy a trashy magazine? And since I only read and speak English, I'll thank all the men and women who kept that safe for me and you: the American military.

My beloved Grandmothers lived long enough that I got to know them well, and they had the time to have an impact on my life. My Dad lived long enough to get close enough to my oldest son, at least, and have an impact on his life.

I found the warm fuzzy blanket of exactly the right weight to put on my bed. It's the best sleeping weather we get all year, and a heavy, cozy blanket makes that perfect.

Not only do my husband and I love each other, we like each other, too. It's amazing how important that is, and how much more fun life is because of it.

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