I've been in customer service a long, long time. Let me just tell you, folks, very little will shut down a CSR's desire to help you faster than using the phrase "YOU people" on us.

You may get a CSR who is enough of a professional to continue to help you, but you won't get any warm fuzzies.

"What is wrong with you people?"
"Why can't I get you people to.....(fill in the  blank)?"
"You people need to do something about this."

There is no definition of the "you people" that feels nice on the receiving end. If you are calling to complain about something, you want the CSR to be on your side: to feel empathy for what you are unhappy about, and to do their best to resolve your problem. Set yourself up in immediate opposition with a pejorative term like "you people", and you can forget empathy. Now you've put the CSR on the defensive and told them very clearly that we people are not like you people.

Not that the "you people" kind of people read my blog..... :-)

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