Oh, how I love the approach of autumn! Arizona is so beautiful this time of year. The bugs pretty much disappear, the days grow cooler and the nights can be downright chilly! We don't get a lot of fall color, except from our landscaping, but the glorious angle of the sunlight compensates for the lack of reds and yellows in the foliage.

Fall is for hearty foods, warm breads and dinner after dark (which we haven't had since early spring!)
Fall is for fuzzy slippers, flannel jammies, deep jewel tones, woolens and tweeds and leather jackets.
Fall is for camouflage!
Fall is for the best sleeping weather all year.
Fall is a sigh of cool relief after the hot summer.
Fall is the hot tub on HOT again, and long lazy talks while we soak.

I do so love the fall.

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