Squeeee!!!! Another Happy-Dance Moment!

Yes, believe it or not, there is more good news! Paige Nolley has posted a review of the second book in my series, A Light in the Mountains.

I tried to find the words to describe my excitement this morning. The best example I can think of is, it's like a new hair style. Your friends, who love you, will always tell you how great it is. Do we ever know if they really REALLY like it? But if you get a new 'do and a lovely stranger walks up to you and asks you for the name of your stylist? That is validation!

To have a book reviewed so favorably by someone I don't know, who purchased the book and liked it well enough to want to tell other people about it.... Sweet Fancy MOSES! It's a thrill, I must say. Kind words from friends are appreciated and welcomed, but the good reviews you'll read on Amazon and Barnes & Noble were written by strangers. And that is validation of a sort unequaled in the other arenas of my life. Paige Nolley took the time to write a full review on her personal blog and I am humbled by her kind words. (**sniff**!!!). It was Paige's rating of the book on Goodreads that let me find her blog. One day I left a comment on one of her posts and after a handful of amazing emails, I feel like she is a friend.

I am grateful for and honored by Paige's consideration. Please go check out her post. Leave a comment. And read the rest of her writing. You'll become a fan!

Paige Nolley reviews A Light in the Mountains.

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