My Place

One of our main duties on this revolving rock is to find our place on it.

Where do I fit? What is my role? What is my place in this world? What is yours?

I am the baby of my family, so my place is coddled, tolerated, dismissed, cherished and disdained, all at once. My parents were ...shall we say... mature? when I was born. They were tired. My siblings are several years older than I, so they had their own stuff going on. With busy brothers and sister and tired parents, I learned that I. Am. Not. The Center of the Universe.

I am the child of a multi-cultural family. My place is on a rolling sea of changes, traditions, foods, words and starting over.

I am the child of parents who survived The Depression and WWII. My place is a position of gratitude for all the comforts in my life. I have always had enough to eat, a safe home and life without violence.

I am the wife of a strong and loving man, living in a pretty traditional marriage. My place is to love, honor and obey, as well as to be supportive, strong, patient and passionate. Lucky me, Sweet Hubs creates a space where I can do those things.

I am a mother of two sons. My place is to know where things are, even when it isn't mine and I didn't put it anywhere. I am the human GPS locator. My place is to teach and to learn. My place is to hold on and to let go...and know when to do that.

I am one of the unique children of His creation. My place is to appreciate that role. To be the best I can be, to learn all I can, to give more than I take and never stop growing.

I am a professional woman. My place is to know my business. My place is to anticipate change, understand the past and extrapolate new solutions to new problems, without forgetting what worked in the past.

I am a writer. That's actually a little hard for me to say. I don't feel like an official "writer" yet, but I do feel like more than a wannabe. My place is to tell you a story. My place is to touch your heart, make you laugh or make you cry. My place is to take you on a trip and when the ride is over, have you say, "That was great! I wonder where we'll go next!" My place is to illuminate, inspire, intrigue or confound you. My place can often be to take you home again, through my words.

My place is to create characters you will love, or hate. My place is to create characters who you will feel you know--characters who, if you could meet them in real life, you would recognize. They should be characters with genuine humanity: flashes of brilliance and peppered with flaws. They should be characters that are smart and stupid, kind and mean, all rolled into one just like the rest of us. And since I blog, sometimes, that character..... is me!

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