We had two lovely-dovely weeks in our faraway dream spot.

Our two boys joined us for four days of that and had some much needed brother time.

We saw cherished friends, beautiful scenery, wildlife up the wahoo. It was wonderful.

I am trying very hard to make peace with squirrels. You know how I feel about them. I'm trying to get over my revulsion to the creepy little bastards  little critters. I made myself sit for a while and watch one while it did its squirrelly little things. While I haven't quite managed to get over the willies about them, I am at least conquering my desire to get the .22.

The Sweet Hubs replaced the facia and barge rafters on the house; he didn't like the engineered product, MDF or NDS or something like that... that was there before. If you don't dig construction jargon, let me just tell you that it meant he got very high up on a ladder that looked dang wobbly to me. But he looks so darn sexy swinging a hammer, I had to watch.

I wrote a while, sewed a while, read a while and got in some serious wine time. Huckleberry wine sipped on that porch right there.


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