Great Balls of Fire!

Sweet fancy Moses, it's been two months since I've posted! Where did the weeks go?

Oh, yeah. I know. They went to work and chores and plans and problems, ups and downs and fun and not-so-fun. They went to teaching and learning, doing and don't-ing. We went to a wedding that was a pure joy. We spent some time waiting in a hospital room, to talk to a surgeon.

The weeks did NOT get spent on any writing, traveling, lottery-winnings, massages, mani-pedis or wine tastings.

I learned some good things. I learned I am not an SUV. I'm just not. I tried, I really did. And in the end, I went back to my little sports car. I'm all about horsepower and fun, I guess, and the heck with practical. I saw a sign that said, "I should come with a warning label." I'm tempted to buy it.

I learned our soldier boy should, hopefully, be OUT OF THE ARMY tomorrow! Can I hear a big WOO HOO????? I would promise not to cry, but that would be a promise meant to be broken.

I learned that sometimes, a sunflower plant can recover from being eaten down to the nub by a visiting elk. And sometimes not. That same morning, I also learned that my dog is officially retired.

I learned that mosquitoes suck. (har har har. get it?)

I learned that my sweet hubby still makes my heart skip a beat with... um.... conjugal anticipation. Well, I knew that, but I like being reminded regularly.

Mom is getting up there. She's getting quite forgetful, and according to reliable reports, she's also as recalcitrant as a two-year old. I thank God and ask Him to bless my darling sister. I had the children, and she got Mom. Thanks to her, I can rest easy, knowing that Mom is in good hands. Bless her patient heart....my sister is an angel. And so is her dear husband. He treats our Mom like he would his own. He deserves a medal for his tolerance and kindness. He does admit that, between Mom and sister, he hasn't won an argument in 14 years.

I got a phone call from my father-in-law, wishing me a happy birthday. On my birthday. Re-read those two sentences a few hundred times, and you may also start to feel a little shocked. It was a treasured surprise.

Not everything that has kept me so busy has been a joy. But that's OK. I'm blessed. I got out of bed this morning under my own power. I spent my lunch hour with my darling husband and my youngest son. I still have a job, and a roof over my head. I have enough dirty dishes to prove that I eat well.

Life is good.


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