10 Ways....

My favorite internet news site has a link to an article which tells me 10 ways to find happiness. Ppsshaww. It's full of tips like, "relax at work". ?? Whoever wrote that doesn't know squat about my job. So, I'm going to hand out 10 of my own secret tips to happiness. If you aren't a happy person, jot these down. Y

  1. Stop waiting for someone or something to make you happy. It isn't up to them, it's up to you. Find the joy in every day, in all the little moments that make up your life. The lottery ain't going to do it for you. If you can't find the joy, you aren't looking. It's there in the sunrise and the way your dog wags his tail: all YOU have to do is notice it and appreciate it.
  2. Make peace with your flaws. They are what make you unique. Besides, your flaws are what keep you from being perfect, and if you were perfect, no one could stand to be around you. Even you.
  3. Develop passion (if it isn't in your life already). If you aren't in a relationship, then develop a passion for art or music or counting the sides on a stop sign. It doesn't matter what your passion is, it matters that your passion is.
  4. Talk to God. Or The Great Spirit. Or Whoever. Whatever name you choose for your understanding of a higher being, use the name, make the time and connect to the universe in your own way.
  5. Stop dieting. Eat better, but stop dieting. You have to eat, you don't get to give it up, so stop warring with your hungry self. Learn how to slow down, truly enjoy your food, make good choices and stop dieting. Why struggle so much over something you have to do? You might as well learn how to do it right, enjoy it, and get the benefits.
  6. Talk nicely to yourself. Speak encouraging words to yourself. Be patient with you. Words are powerful things. Choose the words you use on yourself with the same care you'd use for others.
  7. Talk nicely to others. Speak encouraging words. ( I having a deja vu moment?). Your words can be a knife in the heart or a healing balm. Make good choices.
  8. Look around you. I mean REALLY look around you. There is much to be cheerful about, true, but there are also others who have far worse problems. It's all relative. Heck. It could be worse, could be driving a Pinto. (If you drive a Pinto, I apologize. I oughta be ashamed.) (I'm not, but I oughta be.)
  9. Take the time to do something nice for someone else. Let them into traffic, or in front of you in line at the store. Open the door for someone, smile at them, or tell them their baby is beautiful, even he looks like a troll. OK, If the baby really does look like a troll, then you can tell them their baby is ....uh..... sweet. Or lovable. Wing it.
  10. Stop reading lists about how to achieve happiness. Just choose it and quit worrying about it.

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