A Little White Lie

For most of my life I have been disdainful (in a nice way, of course!) of "sheeple" know.... those folks who happily believe whatever they are told, follow the herd and just generally live a life of mental absence. I recently discovered that I have a streak of sheeple in me, too.

My soldier boy called home on the Friday after Thanksgiving and we enjoyed a nice long talk. Somewhere in the conversation, he said that things had been very quiet (as far as hostilities went). I replied that even if he were in a very 'hot' spot, he wouldn't tell me, anyway. And he quietly agreed, sounding somewhat surprised that I was smart enough to have figured that out.

We hung up and I went happily about my day, content in the notion that my darling firstborn was safe and not getting shot at..... and then it hit me. In this particular situation, I wanted to be a sheeple. I wanted to believe him when he told me nothing much was happening. He might be telling a white lie to avoid worrying me, and I am willing to accept the lie. Even when his voice tells me that maybe things are a little different than he's saying. I'll swallow that white lie, hook, line, sinker, boat and MOTOR. I wonder if he tells his Dad or brother something else, but I don't ask. I am comfortable in my ignorance.

So I decided that for the time being, I will be a sheeple about the subject. I can't change it, I have no power to protect him, so I'll look the other way. And I'll look heavenward and hope that The One who can protect him will do it. I'll believe whatever he tells me, without scrutiny, and sleep peacefully every night.

Or maybe I'll start tomorrow.

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