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Cooking for Myself

Someone said that my husband is blessed because I like to cook. Maybe that's true, but the real truth is I am even more blessed.  I am so fortunate that he is a hearty eater, adventurous about food, has no food issues worth speaking about and is not a picky eater. It would be no fun at all to cook for someone who wouldn't even try something new. Both of our sons are also fun to cook for, for the same reasons, and so are their respective girlfriends. The real truth is that I'm kind of cooking for myself. I want to feed my loved ones healthy, nourishing and delicious food, because I love them, but that is only a part of it. Cooking is a major creative outlet for me. It would be so disappointing if my efforts were met with ambivalence or outright rejection. That is not to say I haven't had some spectacular failures. A particular tamale casserole stands out in the family memory. Despite the failures, my guys are all willing to at least try any food I set befo

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