Have I "Arrived"?

Why am I suddenly getting spammy comments from "Anonymous"? I used to get one or two a month, tops. Now I seem to have one or two every day.

Does that mean my blog is growing bigger in SpammerTown?

It's a dubious honor.

I don't like spam. I don't like the kind you can buy right there next to the Underwood's Deviled Roast Beef (blech) and Vienna Sausage (double blech). I do not like green eggs and ham, and I do not like your stinking spam!

Just think of the book our dear, late Dr. Seuss could have written about spam! The spammers would all work from saggy-roofed offices with computers that weren't quite straight. They'd have three fingers tipped with long fur coming to a point. Maybe they would be working from a dust mote, floating around in the strangely green air.

Now I think I'll go home and watch "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".  


  1. I hope the reason is that you have arrived! And spammers is definitely a good name for them.

    1. I can never figure out what these spammy posters hope to accomplish. Does ANYONE click on their crummy links?

      Thanks for stopping around, Rachel!


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